Music Cassette (NBM48TAPE) - NIL BY MOUTH

Limited Edition 100 copies

Split tape.
A new morbid exposure by ORDER OF THE VIOLENCE (Dead Body Collection, Creation Through Destruction, Kosmodrom)
plus the crude analog noise by master N.
A minimal tableau of a disturbed sounds that extends sickness to bones, flesh and to the whole body.
tape start with horror tales told by  Jan (Geräuschmanufaktur) and goes ahead with a spiral of deadly sounds by N. ....
An altered state of mind, a mind's joke.
Short but Sharp, 15 minutes are more than enough for slice your brain!
Best P/E Industrial.

Red tape and MC-case plus full colour cover.
Limited to 100 copies.

A Order Of The Violence - ...Of Flesh 8:07  (Vocals Jan Warnke
B N. - Mind's Jokes N.02 7:25

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