Tied to an Abuse

Various Artists

2x Music Cassette in Vinyl Box (NBM23TAPE) - NIL BY MOUTH

Limited Edition 300 copies

A super P/E Industrial-Noise double-tape compilation in white vinyl-case.
B/W copied covers and inserts, in best DIY / Old-School tradition.
Look at the line-up & the track-list, no need to tell much more...

NB: all tracks are exclusive for this release!
White tapes in special vinyl-box including large booklet - Limited edition of 300 copies

A1  Climax Denial - Relax And Come Back To Me
A2  Cloama - Sunshine
A3  Propergol - Blunt Force Injuries
A4  Grunt - Domestic Bruises
A5  Government Alpha - A.U.
B1  Black Leather Jesus - Face Him And Accept His Demands
B2  Barrikad - E. Jelinek
B3  Steel Hook Prostheses - Children's Ward
B4  Bizarre Uproar - Untitled
B5  humiliHATE - Sick World
C1  Wertham - Council Flat
C2  Griefer - Digital Camera
C3  Eleczema - Because It's My Nature
C4  Fear Konstruktor - Game With No Winners
C5  Alo Girl - Silent Action
D1  Content Nullity - Through The Eyes Of A Child
D2  Sick Seed - Phoenix With Phallus
D3  Taeter - Born/Lower Trash
D4  Iconoclasm - Behind The Smile
D5  Mold Crevice - Permanence Slit Into Her I & II

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