Epepe EP


CD Digipack (FP 24) - FEVER PITCH

Ovum is a synonymous of 'minimalist'.
Sweden's Karl Midholm takes the simplicity of his style to a new "minimal" level.
Even the title of the disc, Epepe EP, uses a minimal amount of letters.
This is basically ambient music in the truest sense of the word, it needs to be cranked up until the deep, bassy drones rattle your speakers before you're really experiencing the sounds.
A soft, continual aural presence from which every other noise builds on.
It is impressive how Midholm can take a basic, monochromatic palette of noise and create tracks with different feelings, undertones and varying degrees of emotion.
Minimal ambient.

1  Bolesc     9:49
2  Islossning     6:16
3  Epepe     9:16
4  Cenote     16:23

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