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2 x CD Digifile (Zohar 100-2) - ZOHARUM

Label compilation by Zoharum.
Two discs at the price of one, containing unreleased or special r-mixed tracks performed by the bands collaborating with the label.
The album is divided into two parts, with “left” featuring artists from Poland, and “right” representing artists from different parts of Europe.
Sounds ranges from Ambient to Drone and Experimantal / Industrial music.

Zenial – Baltic Telling Stories
23 Threads – Black Snow
Tundra – Tundra
Aquavoice – Sounds of Twilight
Dat Rayon – Zamieć
Aabzu – Number Station E06
Mammoth Ulthana – Gudrun
Monopium – Alpha and Omega
Micromelancolié – 54°20′N 18°38′E
Rafał Kołacki – The Great Artiste
Ab Intra – Temenos

Machinefabriek – Music for Qaina
Re-Drum – Schritt und Schritt und Schritt
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (feat. Dog Space) – Enigmatic Visions
Strom Noir – Becoming Something Else
Lagowski – Angst Pop
Desiderii Marginis – The XIII Card
Rapoon – Alignment Plazma
Troum – Tumon 2 (version)
1000schøen – Frankenstein
Hybryds – What Is Not a Dream (exclusive mix)

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