Lunberjack Blues



The limited and de-lux vinyl edition with gatefold cover and insert for the real collectors and vinyl lovers.

Igor Krutogulov & Thunderwheel are not living our times: maybe he’s lost beneath the waves of the previous century, among dissonant guitar patchworks,
ragtime toy-piano from a closet beyond a creepy mansion, harshy melodies sung by his vitriol throat.
There’s a concept within these songs, where the nature prevails the gathering of human forces, and if you listen carefully you can figure a sort of impossible jam between Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Old Time Religion lost in an African forest, or just a spectral Tom Waits’s secret brother gone definitely mad and under the influence of Wolf Eyes’ noise manipulation…
Weird music for weird people.

1 Wild West Barbarian
2 Kali Yuga Dance
3 Angel 667
4 The First Coming Of Lumberjack
5 Sweet And Sorrow Blues
6 Six
7 Barbarian Dream
8 The Second Coming Of Lumberjack
9 The Traveller

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