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After Herz Jühning has whetted the appetite of so many listeners with his Faces EP, Galakthorrö now is proud to be able to present Herz Jühning’s first Longplayer.
On Miasma he combines the kinetic energy of Power-Electronics with favourite ingredients from the witches’cauldron of Angst Pop.
You will hear brutal bass-drones, nasty electrified currents, pumping analog rhythms and eerie frequency modulations.
The sound elements have been ruthlessly selected to emphasise the reductive characteristics, and brought together around the incisive vocals to form an homogenous and complete work of art.
Whether ailing popsongs, aggressive noise-attacks, or ominous sound experiments, all is artfully united in the 13 songs found on Miasma.
Once more it is Jühning’s no-frills arranging technique, that shows itself to be so highly effective on Miasma, just as it made Faces so successful.
There is much to discover and Miasma will take the hearts of its listeners by storm!
How could it not?

Induction 1:48
Miasma 3:45
Can't Be 3:36
No Happy Future 3:21
The Rape 3:08
Opisthotonus 3:34
Abortion 3:05
Reopened Eyes 3:34
Infibulation 3:41
Vulnerability 3:18
Messiah 4:02
Defense Reaction 2:29
Haunt You Every Day 5:07

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