Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis


CD Digipack (EPP 014) - ETERNAL PRIDE

The project by NEBELHEXE and NACHT, two real nordic witches.
"Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis" is real dark and gloomy ambience, first out in 1995 this is a masterpiece of minimal sounds and spooky ice-cold vocals that will haunt you.
Those macabre enchantresses will seduce and take you into their realm from which you will no longger escape.
Hear gods cry and angels fall, listen to the horror and beauty, let Aghast bewitch you.
Still captivating, still eerie as hell and now available once again.

1 Enthral 1:30
2 Sacrifice 5:30
3 Enter The Hall Of Ice 4:56
4 Call From The Grave 5:59
5 Totentanz 5:18
6 The Darkest Desire 5:07
7 Das Irrlicht 3:53
8 Ende 3:34

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