The Way I Feel



This is an album about feelings.
Those of you who only know Boyd Rice from his rather brutish and insensitive noise music will no doubt be surprised to discover the sensitive, at times passionate individual lurking beneath his often gruff exterior.
Here, Rice opens up for us.
He shares how he feels about a wide range of topics, and we bet you'll be surprised just how often his thoughts and feelings mirror your own.
100% cool & funny entertainment.
Featuring : Douglas P., David Tibet, John Murphy, Luftwaffe, Little Fyodor …

Tracklist :
A1 Boyd Rice With Joel Haertling – Theme From Pearls Before Swine 4:11
A2 Boyd Rice With Joel Haertling – Hatesville 1:57
A3 Boyd Rice With Douglas P. & John Murphy – Equilibrium
Performer – Scorpion Wind 3:57
A4 Boyd Rice With David Tibet – The End Of The World 1:40
A5 Boyd Rice With Douglas P. – People 6:08
A6 Boyd Rice With Vadge Moore – Assume The Position
Performer – Chthonic Force 1:46
A7 Boyd Rice With Coil – Many Hands 3:14
A8 Boyd Rice With Tiffany Anders – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder 4:53

B1 Shaun Partridge – Why Did The Feminist Cross The Road? 0:32
B2 Boyd Rice With Joel Haertling – A Hymn To Him 2:49
B3 Boyd Rice With Shawn Partridge – Motherfuckin' Deer Bit Me 3:09
B4 The Boyd Rice Experience – Love Will Change The World 2:18
B5 Boyd Rice With Adam Parfrey – Quiet Village Idiot 3:11
B6 Boyd Rice With Douglas P. & John Murphy – Preserve Thy Loneliness 4:45
B7 Boyd Rice With Luftwaffe – The Cross Of Lorraine 2:50
B8 The Boyd Rice Experience – Alone With The Calm 0:58

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