Black Line (2019 re-edition)

NICOLE 12 (Grunt)


Long out of stock album, finally re-released into elegant digipak.

Strongly loved and even more strongly hated power electronics works.
Approach with caution!
re-pressed on professional digipak.

New album finally out after many years of waiting.
From atmospheric to utterly violent power electronics sounds.
Study on relation of art and 10lita complex presents project at its most advanced, diverse form.
Underlined by being collected from recordings from 2006-2011 with various types of approach to recording technic and equipment.

1 Mirror World Reflection 3:34
2 Obsession 3:03
3 Black Line 6:21
4 Centaur Forlags : II 2:57
5 Stroker 3:49
6 Glow Of Ionesco 4:54
7 Forever Model 3:26
8 Mother Talks 3:00
9 Wrinkly Bliss 3:42
10 Reversed Visions 6:05

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