A Guide For Finishers - A Golden Hair [Пособие Для Кончающих: Волос Злата]


CD Jewel Box (CD FL 3182-2 COIL) - FEE LEE

Limited Edition 400 copies

The second of two anthology CD's dedicated to Coil's live performance in Moscow on September 15th, 2001.
This volume features a selection of aggressive and noisy pieces from throughout Coil's career, along with the previously unreleased track 'A.Y.O.R.'. The title ' Posobie Dyla Konchashchikh: Volos Zlata ' means 'A Guide For Finishers: A Golden Hair'.

OLD EUROPA CAFE is exclusive distributor for that item in ITALY.

1. Panic
2. First Dark Ride
3. Further Back And Faster
4. The Anal Staircase
5. Red Skeletons
6. Scope
7. Solar Lodge
8. Blue Rats
9. A.Y.O.R.
10. The First Five Minutes After Violent Death

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