Flesh Box [Very special & super limited Leather Box]


Box Set (OECD 087 - SE Extra) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

As with all A-M-F releases there is also an extremely limited collectors edition "Flesh Box" !
Including :

- Temple of Flesh official CD

- DVD-R "Blood Sun Rising" a reflection of A-M-F's ritual tour focused on the "Temple of Flesh" invocation. (not youth free, blood, sonique body modification, nudity, animal parts and orgiastic violence)

- CDR of remixes and unreleased material

- Scripts from public rituals, and propaganda posters socked in cow blood

- Sull and bone fragments and other remains from previous rituals.

- Yett most intriguing part of the Flesh Box is a surprise of un-released material from the A-M-F archives, such as original video tapes from early A-M-F rituals, cdrs with, raw sound sources, cassette tapes, and floppy discs of songs and sounds.

- All this is packaged in a wound covered skin jacket, hand sculpted by Louis Fleischauer.

Each Flesh Box will be unique and include different original material from the A-M-F archives !!!

We are able to offer 2 more copies which was never payed by the ordering customers !

Of course the price now is no longer the one offered during production time for collect production funds ...
Now it's priced at his correct price !


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