Playing the Disaster


CD-R Digipack (OECDR 047 (On cover notes OECDR 045)) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 99 copies


  • African Discount
  • Angels Never Sing
  • Last Finger of Gog
  • New World

"The Disaster" is finally here!
Alex Kubotha plays the sounds of this collapse using what he finds during the end:
pieces of metal, fragments of plastic, tracts of lands, stones, noises and voices from the last days of planet Earth.
When you cry, you cry alone, but when you play, you play with all.

This is a new solo Italian project.
The strange sound creatures by Alex Kubotha are affecting the time.
Their environment and their shape are in some way "unique and different".
An union of strange sounds joined together by all sort of rhythms.
This is "New Italian Elettronica".

Limited edition of 99 numbered copies.

Tracklist :
1. Last Finger of God
2. Angels Never Sing
3. Playing the Disaster
4. Land of Ghosts
5. The Empire of Rain
6. Invisible Vacuum
7. New World
8. New Velocity
9. Discovering Anything
10. Old Talking Box
11. Virtual maternity
12. Black Snow
13. African Discount
14. Collapsed Sea
15. Frost

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