A Witch is Born


CD Jewel Box (MI-AS01) - MOTHER ISLE

Alex Sanders (1926-1988) - "the King of the Witches" - was the most powerful witch in Britain.
Here, for the first time, he presents a full recording of the solemn initiation of a new member into the ancient Craft.
Assisting him is his wife and High Priestess, Maxine, and a coven of their young witches. Alex himself is a hereditary witch; he was initiated by his grandmother when he was seven years old.
For centuries the Craft was driven underground by persecution and intolerance.
Today, though their innermost secrets may still be only told to witches, they can open a few pages of their Book of Shadows - and for those who seek to know more of this faith that is older than history, they can set up signposts to the way of Wicca, or wisdom.
This record is such a signpost.

Track list:
- Initiaton (24:42
- The Legend of the Goddess (05:19)
- The Great Rite (09:01)

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