Gyer [sacred Tibetan music of bon tradition]


CD Jewel-Box (OM 001) - MONOTONE

Not a new album / we got some copies of this pre-Phurpa album!

Alexey Tegin is the founder member and leader of PHURPA.
He is since ever playing the sacred ritual of Tibetan pre-Buddhist Bon tradition.
Being rather traditional than industrial record, “Gyer” is nonetheless to be compared with such industrial ritual legends as famous Sigillum S “Bardo-Thos-Grol”, early Ain Soph and Current 93, since it is far more darker than everything you could find in the ethnic/traditional department of the music shop.
The frightening throat singing and shivering Tibetan bells put you in trance and this trip is not for the weak.

1. Bod 5:37
2. Mi Dud 16:59
3. Nag Zhig (Part 1) 10:39
4. Nag Zhig (Part 2) 3:50
5. E Ma Ho 5:08
6. Bon Ngo (Part 1) 2:49
7. Bon Ngo (Part 2) 5:07
8. Dud Tsan (Part 1) 3:57
9. Dud Tsan (Part 2) 4:02
10. Dud Tsan (Part 3) 8:16
11. So 2:44

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