End of an Era


CD Jewel Box (HSL 042) - HIC SUNT LEONES

Using the usual wide range of acoustic instruments, dulcimer and zither for Alio Die, cello, horns, flutes, metal, drums and rattles for Luciano Daini, the two are developing an environment of varied music and colors sometimes rather dark.
Atmosphere are less "relaxing" and "light" compared to other works signed by Alio Die, "End of an Era" sometimes calls to mind echoes of ancient and obscure rites in the past often evoked by the artist.

1 La Rocca's View 3:40
2 End Of An Era 19:45
3 Desert's Breath 5:04
4 Il Volo Assunto 5:13
5 Crucibulum 5:59
6 L’Inequivocabile Quintessenza 21:07
7 Nocturnal Solution 15:56

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