La Sala dei Cristalli


CD Digipack (HSL058) - HIC SUNT LEONES

Using selected sound materials from Sonorous stones, Stalactites, Bat calls, Flutes, Field recordings collected by Mariolina Zitta in different caves in Liguria a Sardinia, Italy, processed and edited by Alio Die.
In "Lithos" the drones are played by the authors on a set of long stones that goes in resonance, caressed by a bathed hand, by the same principle of the crystal's glasses.
A very immersive and obscure traveling, an underground meditation with a ritual touch, in accord with the "natural sound", despite the sampling and multieffect techniques used here.
A deep listening experience.

1 Suono Ipogeo (Part I) 7:15
2 Suono Ipogeo (Part II) 8:44
3 Lithos (Part I) 8:07
4 Lithos (Part II) 15:08
5 Lithos (Part III) 10:00
6 La Sala Dei Cristalli 10:12
7 Eterne Risonanze 13:56

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