Suspended Feathers


CD Jewel Box (silentes CD 200505 / HSL031) - SILENTES

'Descending Past' was originally projected to become a MCD for the Amplexus serie.
But in the meantime I had other tracks recorded in different moments during the last two years. So i purposed Amplexus to publish a full lenght CD.
Vidna Obmana and I composed 'Wings of the firefall' in 1994 after years of collaboration and reciprocal esteem.
'Ruins garden drones' has been created spontaneously putting together Gregorio Bardini's sonorities and mine."
(Stefano Musso)

1 Descending Past 21:17
2 Ruins Garden Drones 9:08 with Gregorio Bardini
3 Time In Absence 10:51 with Gregorio Bardini
4 Suspended Feathers 4:56 with Gregorio Bardini
5 Wings Of The Firefall 8:51 with Vidna Obmana

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