CD Jewel Box (ERD CD 02) - ERDGUT

Second album by the Austrian "Allgrena" also known for being one of the projects featured on the cult 7" vinyl compilation "Wo die Wilden Kerle Wohnen" together with projects like : Der Blutharsh, Novy Svet and Allerseelen !

The sounds on this album are floating between ambient and industrial.
Field recordings mixed to sounding metal-objects, industrial noises and drones.
Dramatic flute-like high-frequence sounds followed by echoed male speking voices with distorted guitar and crushing noise-drones.
There is always a great balance between atmospheric textures and quite brutal moments of noise with elements of power electronics.

1 Die Stufen Des Seins 4:16
2 Die Fessel Lösen 3:45
3 Ursprung 6:44
4 Wachsende Ringe 4:44
5 Öffne Deinen Geist 4:16
6 Aurora 4:20
7 Ursprung's Flamme 4:33
8 Die Letzte Zierate 5:53
9 Ein Eiskalter Hauch 6:40
10 Wiederkehr 4:26
11 Erdgut 5:08
12 Hier Auf Erden 4:53
13 Traumlicht 4:07

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