Amerika: Die Ewige Senkgrube

OVMN [Optimum Volume Maximum Noise / Macronympha]

CD Digipak (SAD-17) - SELF ABUSE

OVMN [Optimum Volume Maximum Noise] is a side project by JOSEPH ROEMER & RODGER STELLA of MACRONYMPHA..

Compilation album featuring classic OVMN tracks from split tapes with Kadef and Audible XXY.
Over 75 minutes of crushing harsh textures, noise walls and metal crash.
Co-released with Input Error and remastered by Grant Richardson and featuring artwork by Lydia Lazarus.

1 Schwülstig Politik 44:54
2 Corrupt Third Party Power Lights-Out Plug In Standing On The Border With Two Guns

Track 1 from the Split cassette with Kadef released in 1996.
Track 2 from the Live Action split cassette with Audible XXY released in 1997 - featuring Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa of INCAPACITANTS!

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