An Edible Body



An Edible Body, Wind Atlas’ new album, marks a turning point in the band’s trajectory.
Their third record builds a new space for the band to experiment and play with new sounds and electronic rhythms. Strangely, An Edible Body is the band’s most experimental album and at same time the most accessible.

In search for a new sound, the band decide to record the album in New York with SEAN RAGON, main figure of the current post-industrial scene, leader and frint man of CULT OF YOUTH whom they meet after performing together in Barcelona- and occasional guitarist of Psychic TV, seminal band of the industrial music scene: the chemistry in the studio was immediate. An Edible Body was recorded in just two weeks, one freezing month of February in 2017, at Sean Ragon’s basement studio in Maspeth, Queens, New York.

The album experiments not only with new sounds but also with new forms of speech.
And offers a wide range of sounds, from Dark Ambient, to a sort of Techno, to Hypnotic songs wirh suggestive Synthetizers and Post-Industrial ballads...
Despite the apparent distance between songs, An Edible Body sounds oddly solid.

1 Desertor 3:03
2 Shedding Light 4:19
3 Ruins 4:20
4 An Edible Body 1:59
5 Under These Waters 4:47
6 Herencia De Jade 5:17
7 Camino De La Cruz 3:09
8 En La Cruz 5:56
9 To Clarice 4:32
10 How To Liquify 3:43

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