An Era of Torment



Limited Edition 300 copies

2016 saw the release of Ajna's debut on Reverse Alignment "Inevitable Mortality",
An isolationist journey through desolate landscapes, External, but most of all internal.
This first album was followed by the collaborative album with DRONNY DARKO "Black Monolith" (Dronny Darko is also known for several releases on ATRIUM CARCERI's own label CRYO CHAMBER).

On "An Era of Torment", Chris F plunge deeper into the darkness of the soul.
This time derived from psychological battlefields contemplating on lo-fi textures, blackened drones and abandon hopes.
Deepest, bleak ambient.

1 An Era of Torment I 8:56
2 Infect My Soul 8:00
3 An Era of Torment II 8:44
4 The Melancholy Hours 8:24
5 Manie Sans Délire 6:10
6 An Era of Torment III 12:44

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