CD Digipack (Funct.018) - TESCO / FUNCTIONAL

Recorded September 2011, NYC, Hospital Productions Originally released on cassette HOS-331 edition of 100 on Hospital Productions 2011.
Reworked for Functional Organization 2015.
Annihilationist is one of the darkest works in the massive output of Prurient, dark drones and industrial soundscapes and ambient layers.
Examining an archaic world with tools of today...
For those who like the darkness and ambience of Prurient.

1  Fallen Shrines     10:33
2  Figures Stand Out From The Background     4:48
3  After-Life Pyre     3:49
4  Personification Of Eternity     10:48
5  Subordinates Erected In Niches     7:35
6  Vines Grow Through Columns Atop Successors Ashes     10:40
7  Emperors Corpse Enclosed In The Plaster Wall     10:26

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