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AOSSIC S'LBA [Streicher]


Aossic S'lba has an occult direction based in large part on the work of Kenneth Grant, of the Typhonian O.T.O., who knew Aleister Crowley in his latter years at Netherwood.
Grant was a major Magus he was the author of books such "Nightside of Eden", Outside the Circles of Time" and "Outer Gateways".

Aossic S'Lba is pure Esoteric sound and it's a side project by Ulex Xane better known for his infamous roject “STREICHER”.
With this new project Ulex shows us a complete different stile and a complete new direction in his music!
Don't aspect anything harsh, no power-electronics, no violence but only very accurate, ritual and obscure dark-ambient music.

1. Atavistic Resurgence (5:15)
2. All the Aire behind Him is Gold (9:34)
3. Liber Pennae Praenumbra (12:36)
4. Babalon - a Bliss Evocation (19:45)
5. Voids of Vith (24:15)

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