CD Digipack (Shadow 01) - SHADOWGRAPH RECORDS

Cool stuff from this US artist.
Soundwise, think the love child of Dissecting Table and Navicon Torture Technologies (with a few stray sperm cells from Winterkalte), that came out completely malformed and mishapen....
10 brutal creations fueled by anger and pain, spewing forth a barrage of relentless sound layers combining dark, chaotic noise with walls of blasting percussion, screams, samples, and just plain bedlam.

1 There Is A Darkness That Must Be Fed
2 Door Frame
3 Hell
4 Circumlocution
5 Frozen Birds
6 Be Still
7 Chest Cavity
8 5%
9 Car, Bus, Plane Or Coffin
10 Purge
11 Soil (hidden track)

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