Nordland [Second Edition]


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Time to travel north again:
Apoptose's long out of print first album "Nordland" is back - even more beautiful than before. On its release in the year 2000 Nordland instantly became a cult record for lovers of orchestral ritualistic soundsculptures.
Like ancient stone circles on barren landscapes the solemn music reminds of an age when the eternal cycle of growth and decay ruled human life.
Finally this ambient classic is available on CD again.
The album was carefully remastered to ensure that favourite tracks like "Abschied von der Sonne", "Nordlicht" or "Nidstang" sound better than ever.
The bonus track "Svartisen" originating from same era as the Nordland recordings enhances the line-up.
So even those who know Nordland for ages will discover some new facets of this gem.

1. Unter Bewusstsein
2. Abschied von der Sonne
3. Nordlicht
4. Nidstång
5. Horizont
6. Sturmnacht
7. Erntewôd
8. Svartisen (bonustrack)

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