2xCD Digipak (FA-CD-133) - FREAK ANIMAL

A couple years ago Aprapat started to peak into public.
Self released small edition tapes were praised by the small group of people who managed to get them.
Finally FREAK ANIMAL was making these hard to find Aprapat tapes dated 2019-2020 available for the larger audience they certainly deserve
A Harsh-Noise blast combined with New Blockaders-esque collapsing junk, rugged hand assembled tape-loops, screech and clatter, tape saturation, analogue artifacts...
The whole compilead on a double CD including also some unreleased works.
Finnish harsh noise mastery.
Comes in 6 panels digipak + Slipcase and insert.

§  Ultimate Freedom
1-1 Ultimate Freedom I
1-2 Ultimate Freedom II
§  Chamber Music
1-3 Chants Of Steel
1-4 Stained Glass
1-5 Courtyard Shadows
1-6 Stained Glass II
1-7 Wind Of Chains
§  Nude Scraps
1-8 Nude Scraps I
1-9 Nude Scraps II

§  Chimes Of Entropy
2-1 Chimes Of Entropy I
2-2 Chimes Of Entropy II
2-3 Spiritual Supermarket I
2-4 Spiritual Supermarket II
2-5 Spiritual Supermarket III
§  Aether Bugs
2-6 Aether Bugs

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