Every Bright Body Gleams Green


CD Jewel Box (NM072035) - NOISE MUSEUM

Pronounced aranyosh, from Bohemia (now Czech Republic).
This is Aranos (Petr Vastl) third album, recorded in 1999.
Known for collaborations with Nurse With Wound – which influences you can definitely hear here, he plays violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin, piano and more.
Electronics present as well.
Experimental soundscapes, eerie and spooky at times.
Tracks 2 and 8 are 20+ minutes of hauntings.
Tom Waits-esque circus stylings on track 3.
While track 8 is blissful beautifulness.

Tracklist :
1 Testing 5:11
2 Steel Jaw And Gentle Mirage On A (Cape) Horn Of Dilemma 22:21
3 Ideogram Mountains Take Her And Shrine Bursts 2:32
4 Sacrifices, Death And Companions 3:43
5 Golden Underground Surfers Of Rosemergy 3:44
6 Red Navy Trumpeteers In A Pianola Gale Force 9 2:44
7 Sunlight Perched Here 3:44
8 Autumn Temple Grows Legs 27:15

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