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On „Arcs“ Asmus Tietchens and David Lee Myers have been collaborating since 1993.
The dialogue continues to this day, with a new collection of 14 pieces entitled Arcs that were created over the past two years.
Asmus Tietchens has molded the sourcings delivered by David Lee Myers into shapes and textures of abstract elegance and flowing transparence.

For thirty years David Lee Myers (aka ARCANE DEVICE) has been the leading producer of “Feedback Music”, wherein sound processing devices are force-fed their own outputs via custom made matrix mixers, resulting in sounds ranging from melodious whispers to raging cacophony.
Asmus Tietchens Tietchens was born in Hamburg in 1947. Since 1975 he has been working as an independent musician; in 1980 he released his first solo record Nachtstücke.
After producing a series of rhythmic and harmonic albums for the Sky label in the early 1980s he released his first industrial record Formen letzter Hausmusik in 1984 on United Dairies (te label run by Steven Stapleton / Nurse with Wound).
Here Tietchens articulated his musical interests clearly: everyday noises were treated and at times deformed beyond recognition and placed into new contexts.
Discover the Ambient-Experiments this 2 veterans of Industrial muzak have build together...

1 Arc 01 4:19
2 Arc 02 2:20
3 Arc 03 3:02
4 Arc 04 5:16
5 Arc 05 4:52
6 Arc 06 4:21
7 Arc 07 6:07
8 Arc 08 3:34
9 Arc 09 5:16
10 Arc 10 4:50
11 Arc 11 5:59
12 Arc 12 2:59
13 Arc 13 4:51

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