Trans Plutonian Transmissions

ARECIBO [Lustmord]

CD Digipack (SOL 152 CD) - SOLEILMOON

Arecibo’s “Trans Plutonian Transmissions” was first released by German label Atmosphere in 1994.
This 2009 edition has been remastered from the ground up, and is presented in completely redesigned packaging.
Sources for cosmological activity utilised include: pulsars, quasars, thermal radiation, electron particle interaction, radio galaxies, remains of supernova explosions and background radiation.
This activity is monitored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.
The command center of NASA’s Deep Space Network, a series of radio telescopes located around the globe. B. Lustmord weaves a deeply haunting and atmospheric album.
"The entire album could indeed be the soundtrack to the universe itself, with senses of vast cosmic plains, empty voids, infinite darkness, lonely, ever turning planets and immense large, desolate carpets of stars".

1 NGC 5128 Receiving Station Alignment 10:37
2 3C147 Beyond The Heart Of Space 13:44
3 M87 The Four Second Timing Discrepancy 11:18
4 NGC 5426 Unified Field Modulation 7:30
5 NGC 5427 Anomalous Intermittent Radio Source 10:12
6 3C295 Pulse Burst Decryption 11:58

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