Gottloses Unterfangen


CD Jewel Box (SLCD009-11) - SKULLLINE

Debut CD album by this bombast, neoclassic project by Mathias S.
(formererly ‘Bunkertor 1’) delivers a brilliant performance.
To be compared a bit to Wappenbund ...
A very obscure project and there is not much more known about ...

01 Gottloses Unterfangen
02 Bataillon
03 Hexenbrand
04 Spear of Desiny
05 Momemnto Mori
06 Wir rufen Deine Wölfe (lyric: Friedrich Hilscher)
07 Innocent Eyes (Album Version)
08 Wie das Leben spielt
09 Feuerreigen
10 Ritus
11 Abschied

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