As Loud as Possible


CD Digipak (Total Black – 170) - TOTAL BLACK

The mid-90s were particularly abundant years for harsh noise, producing many albums which are now considered masterpieces.
One of the most beloved classics from this period is "As Loud As Possible" by Incapacitants.
Active since 1981, the duo of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai found their stride in the early 90s and set off on an unrelenting course which produced countless gems of noise.
Many of these have been well preserved and documented elsewhere, compiled on "Box Is Stupid" and "Alchemy Box Is Stupid", however, "As Loud As Possible" has never been reissued since its original release on Zabriskie Point.
It is now made available for the first time since 1995, with no corner cut in preparation of its reissue.
The audio was transferred from the original tapes by Din-I-Ilahi, and re-mastered for digital and vinyl formats by Rashad Becker.
The iconic cover photographs by Naomi Hosokawa have been scanned from the original negatives and enlarged for the expanded format, along with outtakes and unused shots, which are now included here for the first time.
T. Mikawa also dug into the Incapacitants archives and unearthed two additional tracks of previously unreleased material, recorded around the same time as the album.

Incapacitants are T. Mikawa & F. Kosakai: All electronics, voice
Edited by T. Mikawa
Photographs taken by Naomi Hosokawa at Factory Pub Bon-Ba-Ye (Special thanks to Mr. Ohba)
Originally released by Zabriskie Point, 1995
Transferred from original master tape by Din-I-Ilahi
Remastered by Rashad Becker

1.  Apoptosis 17:31
2.  Necrosis 28:57
3.  Live 950401 25:15
4.  As Loud As Possible Revisited I 05:00
5.  As Loud As Possible Revisited II 04:59
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