Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit


CD Jewel Box (cd 001) - BINTURONG MUSIC

Plant witchcraft and magical plants, phytoritualistics, superstition and psychedelic botany – these terms describe the thematic framework of the project Atzmann Zoubar, which was founded by K.Makiri in 2005.
At 12/22/2011, the day of winter solstice, the project’s debut album entitled “Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit” was released.
This work is a concept album exclusively focusing on the mandrake (Mandragora spp.), probably the most well-known magical plant.
The album, which was produced between 2006 and 2011, provides a mixture of ritual industrial and a quirky nature mysticism.
Dark sound collages meet original texts about the mandrake.
The slowly evolving tracks grow like roots into the mind, finally pervading the listener completely.
During the last years, K.Makiri cooperated with various international artists.
Thus, among others, Matt Howden (Sieben) from England and Salomeh (C.O.T.A.) from the USA contributed to “Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit”.
Marcus van Langen (Des Teufels Lockvoegel) created lyrics and melody, and recorded 24 guitar tracks for the last song of the album (“Diese Eine”).

Parts of “Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit” hark back to the days of the early releases by Ain Soph and LAShTAL, whilst also thinning out their industrial sound with a fluid ambient feeling reminiscent of Raison d’être.
This is great ritual magik sound !

Tracklist :
1. Aut Sperma In Terram Effundit 9:07
2. The Magic Root 9:05
3. Main De Gloire 7:09
4. Menschenwurz 5:21
5. Una Planta Que Soñaba 2:18
6. Rotes Gold Und Junge Liebe 10:24
7. Diese Eine 4:07

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