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Limited Edition 300 copies

Austeros” is the third album by "Inner Vision Laboratory", an ambient project by Karol Skrzypiec.
On this new album the artist unite sounds from the surrounding reality.
The meanings and references do not illustrate or deconstruct as usual, but allow completely new musical beings to peal out, torn alive from random, lost radio broadcasts, the cacophony of everyday life, or unspecified ether.
"Austeros" is an album that allows the individual to enjoy the sounds, served with reverence, which, thanks to its minimal consequences reverberate with the strength.
The more they strike, the more you get into this kind of futuristic world, disappearing faster and faster into oblivion. Once again IVLAB shows that the form is a useful tool in overturning established routines ... to build on their ashes a message sent to sublime senses.

1  Stalker Trail     5:23
2  Three Until You See     5:38
3  A Tunnel Too Twisted     10:55
4  A Home To None     6:47
5  Obey The Soil     7:36
6  Rust Vermilion Faces     8:41
7  Bow Before Ancient Mother     8:54

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