WELTUNTERGANG : the 2011 album by those legends of Dark-Industrial !
slow moving compositions with a neoclassic / cinematic touch, very comon to older Autopsia albums, beating metals, horns, far voices and rising sounds always full of dramatic tension.

"The wind comes,
the wind of judgement.
Over the lands, ower the waters.
The wind of doom,
terrible, will approach,
sweep the human race off the earth’s face,
the splendid cities,
forests, mountains and the dome of heaven.
Every nation will sink to ruin,
man and his world will shatter,
his dream devoured in grave of fl ames,
hunger, plague, murderous hate
yet again - yet again they return, jeering
and jarring just as before!
New portents of doom arise.
The day of wrath may be the doom of
nature or a giant fl ash of heroic jest
that will cover the human race
in cloud of death.
We drift,
disappear - towards fi nal darkness?
or new worlds?
or endless light?" - AutopsiA 2011 -

Tracklist :
1 Prologue 1995 5:39
2 Lebensherrgabe 1982 7:33
3 Weltuntergang Theme 1 1990 3:17
4 Kristal 1991 4:42
5 Desires And Powers 1989 5:48
6 Archipelag 1987 5:03
7 Monster And Mad Point 1989 2:56
8 The Time Of Pain And Time Of Waiting 1990 5:20
9 Prague The Spectre Of Sound 2010 4:53
10 Weltuntergang Theme 2 1989 3:41

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