L’art et la Mort


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This is a collection of tracks by artists of a recent past (Virgin Pruns, Tuxedomoon, Coil, Laibach…) , most of them related to the wave-gothic/industrial genre.
Even if already brought to success in the past, they have been now skilfully revised and somehow adjusted: in conformity with a certain contemporary sensibility, the present compositions are the result of an interpretation based upon some unexpected literary reverberations, which, in our opinion, even the original songs could have had since their birth.
Therefore, by following a sort of de-structurating process, typical of cubist artists, like in a Braque’s picture the original tracks have been reduced to puzzle pieces and then further shredded, contaminated and totally tattered, each time according to different parameters, depending on the various occurring needs: finally, the puzzle pieces have been reassembled often in such an amazing way that it seems they got a brand-new life.

Beside the above-explained concept, which strictly concerns music composition, also the set of literary sources which the whole work refers to is basically important in order to trace out a spiritual path aiming to stimulate our personal research on the quintessence of death, soul and eternal life, and once again relating to Antonin Artaud, who is consider as the sublime prophet.

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