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This is the product of a collaboration between three artists with a divergent, and indeed sometimes opposed, approach of music, this work plainly demonstrates how their musical universes ultimately complement each other along three axes – noise, rhythm and melody.

The melodies are provided by Lambwool.
A talented musician adept at creating musical landscapes fraught with melancholy, he colours the record with layers of keyboards and acoustic instruments samples that conjure up the crystalline, meditative melodies he has become renowned for.

Babylone Chaos has long been an avid proponent of chaotic, oppressing climates and deals in suffocation and saturation.
The nefarious vapours of his distorted, out-of-joint universe bring a great measure of entropy to this opus.

Le Diktat is the only duo involved in this three party collaboration.
Le Diktat brings the rhythm to the table.
Break-core loops, drum n’bass rhythm patterns, trip-hop, electro and rock elements coupled with scratches create the most unexpected stylistic fusions, even on the most haunting instrumental tracks of this album.

The result is a surprising collision between acoustic purity and punishing industrial beats, but a remarkably daring demonstration.
Jembes, flutes, scratches, harp, piano, samples; intense episodes or long, meditative soundscapes; sometimes quiet, sometimes heavy with saturation, this work of contrasts displays a thousand faces, takes a thousand forms which will not fail attract any and all who would take a musical journey in unchartered territories.

1 Babylone Chaos Made In Phnom Penh (7:38)
2 Lambwool vs. Babylone Chaos Hill (4:39)
3 Le Diktat vs. Babylone Chaos Black Wave (4:07)
4 Babylone Chaos vs. Le Diktat Contagion (4:57)
5 Le Diktat Bad Vibe (3:29)
6 Lambwool vs. Le Diktat Dreary Day (The Day After Version) (5:21)
7 Le Diktat vs. Lambwool Red Flag (4:30)
8 Lambwool vs. Le Diktat Afraid Of The City (6:51)
9 Babylone Chaos vs. Lambwool Comédie Des Ombres (5:12)
10 Lambwool Tokyo 4:AM (7:09)

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