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Music Cassette (PPT 04) - PINK PISS TAPES

Limited Edition 50 copies


  • Initial Entry

Fourth tape out on the Italian label "PISS PINK TAPES" run by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.

BLACK LEATHER JESUS is one of the leading and oldest projects in the US Noise scene.
Group imagery and themes are all around S&M and Leather-Gay Subcultures.
For this release BLJ was delivering 2 long and exclusive tracks recorded in 2021.
You know what to expect: AN HARSH NOISE WALL!

Visionary Metamorphoses Art-Work by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies with full printed tape-body and double-sided printed cover.
Exclusively distributed through OLD EUROPA CAFE

A.  Initial Entry
B.  Final Entry

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