Gloomy Songs for Lucid Minds


CD-R Jewel Box (FR001) - FEUER RECORDS

Background Projection's "Gloomy Songs for Lucid Minds" is a short title to the suggestion of realisation and exploration of melancholy and nostalgia.
Melancholy is not to live in denial but to have the right to obtain your thoughts and emotions exactly the way you feel them ..
Raw and Confused, Just like in dreams,then you can explore it even more and use it's result for your personal enlightment and progress.

This album is a dark trip through the subconcious,liquid forms of the human mind in a way that only the surrealists could really approach.
Mixing the emotions of abundance and loss with childish memories full of colors,
and neoclassical elements with abstracted ambience,contradicting experiments
with atonic and rythmless waltz & polka tunes in full simplicity & minimalism,very simillar to a soundtrack for a life story never experienced but already lived so many times in an archetypical paradox event.

This is the way that Mr.XIII invite us to his ritual childish dreamland - reminding to us that there is no darkness greater than the darkness that simple life already suggests.

In this crazy mix of oppossite images,emotionalism & soundscapes,these themes are a lament to the logical way of understanding music and hearing sound like a clearly emotional projection of sorrow and joy,day & night,dark & light at the same time.
Imagine your self lost in time & space,in a weird dream full of rainy
streets,toys and empty,dusty rooms - understanding everything through a distorting mirror and you already have the strongest image of how this album works..
This album was deep inside of you far before you knew it..

Tracklist :
1 Gloomy Morning (A Walk In Venice)
2 Gloomy Cafe
3 Gloomy Separation Part I
4 Gloomy Separation Part II
5 Gloomy Separation Part III
6 Gloomy Ages Part I
7 Gloomy Ages Part II
8 Gloomy Atony Part I
9 Gloomy Atony Part II
10 Gloomy Talk Part I
11 Gloomy Talk Part II
12 Gloomy Talk Part III
13 Gloomy Talk Part IV
14 Gloomy Ukase Part I
15 Gloomy Ukase Part II
16 Gloomy Ukase Part III
17 Gloomy Ukase Part IV
18 Gloomy Room
19 Gloomy Times Part I
20 Gloomy Times Part II
21 Gloomy Toys
22 Gloomy Meal
23 Gloomy Thoughts Part I
24 Gloomy Thoughts Part II
25 Gloomy Ubiquity Part I
26 Gloomy Ubiquity Part II
27 Gloomy Ubiquity Part III
28 Gloomy Ubiquity Part IV
29 Gloomy Jazz Part I
30 Gloomy Jazz Part II
31 Gloomy Sunset
32 Gloomy Splendidly Part I
33 Gloomy Splendidly Part II
34 Gloomy Nativity
35 Gloomy Machinery
36 Gloomy Planet Wheel

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