Ballad of Reading Gaol - The Cacophonietta

C.3.3. [TEST DEPT.]


C.3.3. is a personal project from Paul Jamrozy, co-founder of original industrial agitators TEST DEPT.
The work is inspired by the real life experience of Her Majesty's Prison Reading.
Tracing the history of the location through to the present current political and social situation, evoking the harsh realities of Victorian and modern day Britain.
Reminiscent of the finest mid-era TEST DEPT., such as "Gododdin" or "Pax Britannica", with heavy percussion, strings, and strident vocals.
The title C.3.3. is drawn from the cell number where the literary figure Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Gaol under gross indecency charges.
C.3.3. was the pseudonym used for the publication "The Ballad of Reading Gaol", a poem based on the execution of a fellow inmate.
This sonic rendition draws upon the writings of Wilde's poem and the horrors of prison life for a condemned man, as a metaphor for the universal predicament of all humankind.

Remastered with 2 bonus tracks, featuring TEST DEPT. and presented in a 6-panel digipak.

1 Prologue – Ballad of Reading Gaol 4:46
2 Movement I – Blood And Wine 6:15
3 Movement II – Iron Town 7:33
4 Movement III – Gallows Tree 6:56
5 Movement IV – The Devil’s Own Brigade 7:41
6 Reprise – Pit Of Shame 4:05
7 Acousticon (Segregation Mix) 9:23
8 Panoptix (Vermin Mix) 5:28

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