CD Jewel-Box (DEO 05103716) - EXTREMOCIDENTE

$GIFTGAS is a collecive of Audio/Visual artists from various experiences around the international extreme scene with open line-up in a never ending evolution.
The Extremist attitude of 4GIFTGAS would shoot down the wall of politically correct with a strong and extreme sound that may be unwelcome to all hypocrite, well thinking and bigoted.

No identity, No Involving, No politics, No propaganda, No reaction, No terrorism, No messages, No information, No freedom, No free thinking, No entertainment, No life.

4GIFTGAS is a group of misterious musicians and known guests.
Guests on this album: Gaya / AntiChildLeague, Massimiliano Scordamaglia, TSIDMZ, Viola Mondello, Sarin10077239, Carnera.

1          Cyanide  4:11
2          Monossidoll  3:09
3          Litanies 4:44
4          Earth Inferno  3:15
5          De-generate noise  5:23
6          Fosgene mon amour  4:39
7          The whip and the caresse  5:45
8          Fragile  3:43
9          Demon est Deus inversus  4:26
10        Anvil  4:08
11        Monossidoll  4:35

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