Crash & Honor 1990-2002: perversing the church and its ant-like minister



Limited Edition 150 copies

deluxe 7 CDR BOX SET - over 430 minutes of sonic madness
Featuring seven CDR's professionally mastered for a collection of sonics from early 90's, including unreleased material, live performances, various BLJ projects and collaborations including: Adult Crash Unit, Limacon, Forced Orgasm...
Also incuded are mixed up material from older cassette releases...
A MUST for any lover of this great american cult noise-electronic band.
A concrete "bleeding ears" collection!
Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

NB: No chains nor leather included as in the original version of the box even if this is an original copy of the SLAUGHTER release!

CD1-1 Untitled 21:03
CD1-2 Untitled 16:50
CD1-3 Untitled 1:51
CD1-4 Untitled 2:27
CD1-5 Untitled 3:53
CD1-6 Untitled 9:52
CD1-7 Untitled 11:18
CD1-8 Untitled 7:17
CD1-9 Untitled 4:47

CD2-1 Untitled 11:19
CD2-2 Untitled 6:11
CD2-3 Untitled 6:19
CD2-4 Untitled 7:12
CD2-5 Untitled 1:50
CD2-6 Untitled 11:32
CD2-7 Untitled 26:47

CD3-1 Unttiled 43:36
CD3-2 Untitled 32:20

CD4-1 Untitled 31:42
CD4-2 Untitled 22:19

CD5-1 Crossburnt (Various Parts) (Laughter) Signals To The Devil 17:29
CD5-2 Melting Muses 14:05
CD5-3 The Punishment 20:17
CD5-4 Thorn 10:39

CD6-1 Bondage Boy 9:08
CD6-2 Bondage (Status Link) 5:45
CD6-3 Unloved (Unreleased Track) 2:51
CD6-4 Unkind (Unreleased Track) 2:48
CD6-5 Unwound (Unreleased Track) 9:49
CD6-6 Can You Take It? 3:56
CD6-7 13 / 13 (Excerpt) 27:23

CD7-1 Of Body, Of Thought And He Was Banished Swim Adventures In Gay Porn Shop Shut 30:55
CD7-2 Children Of The Apocalypse Foregin Objects Self Love Form Musica 31:22

This is rare!
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