Special Bleiburg CDR Series


CD-R Series (OECDR 022 to OECDR 030) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

The series consists of 8 double CDr + 1 quadruple CDr albums :

OECDR 022 BLEIBURG Where The Truth Lies 2xCDR
This is the first record of the „... digital-vinyl ...“ trilogy with 29 songs (2 hours and 32 minutes). of aggressive electronics & BLEIBURG personal darkness feelings
This album contains songs singed in german, english, croatian, italian and persian language. The album was recorded in collaboration with dEMOND of MDMA and A. Schwarz of MANMACHINE

OECDR 023 BLEIBURG In Times Like These 2 x CDR
This is the second record of the „... digital-vinyl ...“ trilogy with 24 songs.of aggressive electronics, BLEIBURGS reasons to create this record was the theme of the first genocide after WW 2.
Hear it, feel it, be it !

OECDR 024 BLEIBURG Awake Before Dreaming 2xCDR
This is the third record of the „... digital-vinyl ...“ trilogy with 27 songs of aggressive electronics on CD1, experimental and heavy industrial sounds on CD 2.
Some songs were done in collaboration with dEMOND of MDMA, this record completes the „... digital-vinyl ...“ trilogy and was the preparation of the split album between BLEIBURG and MDMA „Unreleased & Unloaded“.

OECDR 025 BLEIBURG Falcon Of Zagreb 2xCDR
„Falcon Of Zagreb“ contains seven live tracks exclusively recorded only as live-songs and will never be played again. This Morn Omina also done a great version of „Operation Slaughterhouse“
(in original with Von Thronstahl and Leger des Heils). On this record BLEIBURG have done 4 songs with one of it´s favourites ambient artist : Amir Baghiri from Persia.
„Falcon Of Zagreb“ contains also two songs recorded during a „Mithras“-live midnight-improvisation. Listen to 21 industrial, ambient and electronic songs, over 2,5 hours .

After hearing CD 2 you will feel fear, nothing as pure fear full negative energy. This fear will consume you – definitly !
CD 1 contains songs featuring Larrnakh, Belborn and Harvest Rain and solo works in hungarian, german, croatian and persian language. 15 songs of full & pure apocalypic sounds.

OECDR 027 BLEIBURG – Corroded Mechanism 4xCDR
Human, material, brain and metal corrosion. This records contains all forms of decay. Listen to 34 songs with over 4 hours and 15 minutes of aggressive electronic music.
Recorded after a long phase of lethargy.

OECDR 028 BLEIBURG featuring LONSAI MAIKOV Ize Cheruvimy Tajno 2xCDR
This collaboration with LONSAI MAIKOV take root in BLEIBURGs wish to record a album with one of it´s favourites groups.
Inspired by Doctor Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, Joseph de Maistre, Dante, Tin Ujević, Hildegard von Bingen and Plato
15 songs for 2 hours of apocalyptic sounds with neofolk and mediaeval influences inclusive remixes and extended versions.

OECDR 029 BLEIBURG Heroes For Other Nations 2xCDR
Visiting the memorial of the German captivate soldiers which came back from Russia after WWII in Friedland, BLEIBURG started immediately the work for this album.
23 songs with a lenght of about 2:30 hours, contains russian, english, german, italian, albanian and spanish language texts combined with atmospheric-aggressive electronics.

OECDR 030 BLEIBURG // MDMA – Unreleased & Unloaded 2xCDR
MDMA's "Unloaded" and BLEIBURG´s „Unreleased“ was created in one of the darkest chapters of the artists career. It points a gun to the head of disappointment and frustrations about a modern society, relationships and life itself.
The idea behind the music was to combine raw industrial tunes and futuristic electronics with apocalyptic landscapes. A cold and brutal statement against the dark side of life, depressions and hopelessness.

All discs was professionally printed and come in jewel-boxes with high quality full color covers !
Hand numbered to only 50 copies !

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