Live: Behind the Green Door / Street Level at VG Kids


CD Carton Sleeve (B! 051) - BLOODLUST!

"Live: Street Level at VG Kids" (Quicktime Video, approx. 25 min.)
"Live: Behind the Green Door" (CD Audio, approx. 19 min.)
This CD is an enhanced re-release of the limited edition 3" CD-R from 2005, with a bonus full-show video.

Audio portion originally released as Live: Behind The Green Door 3"CDr (BloodLust! & Chondritic Sound, 2005). Recorded in Detroit, Michigan, on October 16, 2004

Quicktime video portion previously unreleased.
Recorded at the Wolf Eyes compound in Ypsilanti, Michigan on October 15, 2004.

Live: Behind The Green Door (19:30)
1a Head
1b Baby
1c Void
1d West
1e Lick
1f Trophy
1g Genital Panic
1h Porn Lord
1i Angel Of Darkness
1j Wet
1k 29 Below
1l Chalk Eaters
1m The Love Haters vs. The Hate Lovers
1n Dazed
1o Mantra
1p 1% (Encore)

Live: Street Level At VG Kids (25:30)
Video1a Grudge (One)
Video1b A Song For Lisanne, A Young Model
Video1c Boost
Video1d Down
Video1e In The Mood
Video1f As If
Video1g Bound To Die
Video1h Mind The Gap
Video1i Lake Street
Video1j Angel Of Terror
Video1k Pro-Ana
Video1l Shock Pit
Video1m Dazed
Video1n Mantra
Video1o Sado-Electronics (Encore)
Video1p Chinatown (Encore)

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