Buried Steel

KHOST (with "Stephen Mallinder" / Cabaret Voltaire)


The brand new album Birmingham industrial doom metal duo.
On this album have collaborated:
Eugene Robinson (OXBOW)
Manuel Liebeskind, Daniel Buess (16-17, MIR)
Stephen Ah Burroughs (TUNNELS OF AH, ex-HEAD OF DAVID).

Themes and sonics of 'Buried Steel' range from granite and impassive to dreamlike and somnambulistic, in keeping with the promise - and threat - of the title, dwelling on slow, infallible ruination: a gravitational downthrust upon misshapen monuments and structures which are mangled, overgrown and increasingly forgotten.
A monochrome landscape where nature reclaims and redefines us as time passes.
Recording of the album was marred with events such as an electrical fire which damaged some equipment. As a result, a number of tracks on the album had to be pieced together from damaged analogue elements such as reel to reel (Khost reel to reel RIP). From this point, the dynamic of some of the songs was altered, shifting their eventual outcome, particularly the tone of ambient work on Buried Steel.

1. We Will Win (4:06)
2. Blood Gutters 6x4x1 (4:48)
3. Intravener (2:57)
4. Yellow Light (1:54)
5. Last Furnace (5:33)
6. Night Air (4:07)
7. Judgement Is Infallible (1:48)
8. Kent House (1:17)
9. December Bureau (5:26)
10. Vandals (1:57)
11. Dog Unit (4:13)
12. Two (1:19)
13. A Non Temporal Crawlspace (4:18)
14. Intravener In Dub (Mothboy Remix) (8:12)

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