IMPAKT (Unclean / Stinkfinger / Umpio collaboration)


IMAPKT is a regressive combination of high speed freestyle junk noise and electronics overload.
No effort has been spared to deliver a fast moving freight train of bricks and porcupines crunching through your walls and/or eardrums.
When the velocity is too high the G-forces will take care of the rest.
Bones will snap like potato chips at a marathon of George A. Romero movies.
Burnout is the first album of this collaboration between Finnish lardmongers MT (Unclean, Stinkfinger) and PD (Kartio, Umpio).

1   Crash At Full Speed
2   Fracture Crescendo
3   Pummeled Against The Ropes
4   Detritus Avalanche
5   Sudden Failure
6   Impakt And Implosion

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