Songs For The Crooked Path


CD Jewel Box () - FUCK OFF & DI

A new release on Fuck Off & Di, the mysterious label from English eccentric, arch-drude, musician, writer and underground hero Julian Cope.
This album compiles more or less all Death Folk songs from strange Austrian band Cadaverous Condition. Usually a Death Metal outfit, CC always explored different and lesser known territories than the usual extreme Metal groups.
"Songs For The Crooked Path" has all those folky acoustic songs, poetic lyrics, bizarre ideas combined with harsh, yet haunting vocals that made CC interesting to a clientele far away from normal Metal standards and has them made a name among Neofolk / Goth / Experimental / Pagan / Black Metal connoisseurs.
All this weird material that Julian Cope likes so much has now been culled together, dark/neofolk, pure passion and only sometimes diving into Metal or psychedelic depths. Lyrical and musical twists and turns, yet always true in spirit.
Puristic, nihilistic, evil and beautiful, a whole CC cosmos to explore.
Cadaverous Condition already got recognized beyond the Metal scene with their beautifully crafted Split 10" TIME with American Folk Noir band CHANGES (released on Eis & Licht in 2004).
The majestic duet version with RN Taylor of their collaborative song "Time" is of course also included here as well as the Will Oldham / Bonnie Prince Billy coverversion "Black". Guest appearances beside RN Taylor also include Matt Howden (Sieben, Sol Invictus), Richard Leviathan (Ostara, Strength Through Joy) and Johann e (Reptilicus, Gjoll).
There is simply no other band around combining extreme Death Metal vocals and ferocity with beautiful acoustic guitar driven songs; this is truly a style of its own. Death Folk!

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