Calm Morbidity



15 years in and with 9 full length releases under their belt, it's safe to say that the terminally morbid, Dallas based duo that is Steel Hook Prostheses are the undisputed flag bearers for American death industrial. 
Perhaps they have been for a long time, but if there was any doubt, it's quickly erased within the first minutes of Calm Morbidity, their first full length since 2013's The Empirics Guild. 
Once again, we find them channeling all things grim and grotesque, and while they don't stray too far from the charnel house atmospherics you've come to expect, there's a dynamic and dark energy that exists with Calm Morbidity that never fully existed before. 
From the heavily polluted and blackened drones, decrepit, percolating frequency beds, and acid dripping, highly processed vocals, everything about this release feels intensified and elevated. 
An immersive and riveting display of the macabre and unequivocally a high watermark in an already illustrious discography. 
6 panel DVD Digipak designed by M.C. De Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues.

1 Doused With Acid 5:42
2 Cyclopia 6:14
3 Hand Of Glory 4:44
4 The Medicus 4:54
5 Paresthesia 5:45
6 Cancer Maiden 4:53
7 Deep In The Marrow 5:24
8 Piss Prophet 5:58
9 Stranguary 5:07
10 Sulphur Drip 8:30

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