Canine Visions IX

BUDRUS [Girnų Giesmės + Pogrom collaboration]

CD Jewel-Box (fa-cd-075) - FREAK ANIMAL

I'm almost out of words when I need to describe what Budrus really is.
I'm certain no "sample track" will help you grasp the excellency of this album.
Releasing this masterpiece has been delayed beyond reasonable time, but as it managed to evade categorization and trends, it is so timeless that year here or there won't hurt.
Budrus is duo consisting members of Girnų Giesmės and Pogrom.
Knowing little by these two projects may help one to be aware of possibilities but Budrus manages to go beyond being mere "collaboration" and contain project of its own identity.
Wonderful instrument drones.
Melancholy slow melodies and diversity of compositions and textures and combined with power of ultra masculine vocal performance of Leonardas Marozas.
Artwork and lyrics combined with strange combinations of atmosphere, melancholy, aggressive force and tasty effects is beyond anything I hear anyone else doing.
Downtempo, ambient/drone with the forcefullness of power electronics without having almost any musical similarities to mentioned genres.
Don't expect easy genre music, give it a try and be rewarded!
- Mikko Aspa / Freak Animal

1  Šuniška Vizija I / Canine Vision I 4:53
2  Pasveikink / Greet Me 6:09
3  Nustums Į Audrą / Will Push Into The Storm 2:41
4  Stikliniai Krantai / Shores Of Glass 9:23
5  Mano Tuščias Dangus / My Empty Sky 5:35
6  Aušra Virš Vielų / Daybreak Above Wires 1:23
7  Nubusk! / Wake Up! 3:44
8  Sekmadienio Kūnai / Bodies Of Sunday 5:05
9  Pražydo Žievė / The Bark Has Bloomed 3:57

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