Controlled Death / Mayuko Hino


LP Picture Disc (CSR291P) - COLD SPRING

Limited Edition 400 copies

Two giants of the Japanese Noise scene present exclusive material on a special limited vinyl release.

Controlled Death is the nom de plume of Maso Yamazaki (MASONNA), who unleashed his claustrophobic Death Industrial / Blackened Electronics debut for Cold Spring last autumn (the sold out split LP with Rudolf "Devil's Sacrifice" (in 6 parts) continues Maso's obsession with heavy, Korg MS-20 drones.
Deranged vocals choked under impenetrable, blood-soaked atmospheres of doom, death and decay, saturated with washes of anxiety, paranoia and alienation.

Mayuko Hino, 'Queen Of Japanese Noise', delivers two lengthy tracks.
While the first track is filled with feverish, dense noise and swathes of savage electronics, the second, mind-melting electronic piece (reminiscent of her debut album 'Lunisolar' for Cold Spring) descends into a diseased, suffocating maelstrom, finishing on the verge of psychosis.
In addition to self-made instruments, Mayuko plays noise with her six-theremin oscillators (in bright pink) - the one and only in the world, specially made by Ryo Araishi (a.k.a. ichion). Mayuko is most well-known for forming C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) in 1990, together with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai and Ryuichi Nagakubo.

Picture disc limited to 400 copies in a heavy PVC archive sleeve.

§ Controlled Death
A1. Devil's Sacrifice I (4:14)
A2. Devil's Sacrifice II (2:50)
A3. Devil's Sacrifice III (3:00)
A4. Devil's Sacrifice IV (2:11)
A5. Devil's Sacrifice V (2:53)
A6. Devil's Sacrifice VI (3:35)

§ Mayuko Hino
B1. Metaphysis (9:21)
B2. Instrumental Value (9:34)

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