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"Chrysalide" is a work conceived as a metamorphosis, after a long and painful incubation: death is followed by coveted rebirth.
The time of deep pain, which we encounter in life, once the cocoon broken, with the rush of new wings is transfigured into a music of desire.
The 11 tracks of the CD all mark moments of this movement.

The music - or the arrangements - though born under the impulse of Daniela Bedeski, vocals - author of the lyrics too - and in some cases of the co-founder Pino Carafa, is signed by all the band members (Marco Bosio, Ermanno Fabbri, Michele Fiore, Zeno Gabaglio, Yann Turrini), besides a track born by the collaboration with Cropcircle.

The musical breath is always a breath opened to experimenting, though still faithful to a melodic inspiration, in an encounter between classical sounds of piano, cello or acoustic guitar and electronic manipulations, onto which the voice, metamorphic itself, draws arabesques of lights and shadows.

The CD opens with a mantra, where at the beginning is breath, and closes with a "Canto nel vento" ("Song in the wind"), which bears a love promise.
The changes in rhythm or intensity, evident in such tracks as "Hekla" or "Flood" mark the passage from a time of waiting or preparation to one of burst or rebirth. In "König" - cover of a well-known Nico's song - on a spiralling crescendo of electric guitar and synth, raises a woman's love song to her man, her "king": a psychedelic spell which pervades the whole CD.

Album comes in a de-lux vinyl-look gatefold-digi plus a very rich 20 pages booklet.

RosaRubea's 'Chrysalide' is an electro-acoustic psychedelic experience transfigured into a music of metamorphic Desire.

1.   Om: the Beginning
2.   Vaga Stella
3.   Hekla
4.   Window Pain
5.   A Blue Bird in a Scarlet Spring (version)
6.   Chrysalide
7.   Flood
8.   O Deathe
9.   Orpheus
10.   K
önig   [Nico]
11.   Hekla (reprise)

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